Reflexions on dwelling:

- What is “vernacular” housing, today?

- What does “domestic” mean, today?

- Which is the “dweller”, today?

- What is considered to be a “house”, today?

- In which ways the sense of “belonging” can be reinforced, today?

- What are the current issues for the “architectural profession”?

Reflexions on Housing:

Research on concepts (e.g. flexibility, sustainability, ....) that,

on the student's opinion, should be taken into account by today’s architects.

Case Studies:

The objective of this activity is to summarize the analysis of one

of the two cases of study documented in OIKODOMOS Case Repository, related with

the previous concepts.

Plus Ultra Sesión de Participación Approaching People:

The face-to-face dialog is the most direct method to extract the worries and interests of the inhabitants. From these dialogues, with the Plus Ultra's neighbours in Barcelona, there are extracted key ideas that they put on the table together with others extracted from the rest of activities.

Plus Ultra Sesión de Participación Questionary:

The aim of these sessions is to propose forms of representation that allow Plus Ultra's neighbors to understand the urban environment and to promote the dialogue and reflection on it..

Plus Ultra Workshop BarcelonaHousing Reagents:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Workshop Barcelona: Housing Reagents - Day 3

Group Presentation. Critical reflections from teachers and students.

Day 3: December 16h, 2011
09.00h Work in groups
13.30h Lunch
14.30h Conclusions. Each group presents their work uploaded on the Workspaces
18.00h End of the workshop

Students explained in an oral presentation the strategies that they had designed in teams. They presented new perspectives and ideas to transform the Plus Ultra neighborhood.
In this way, the final oral presentation allowed the exchange of views between students and teachers. Critical reflection of teachers was also useful for highlighting the positive and negative aspects of the work done and to encourage students to continue with this task in the courses and seminars in their respective universities.
Finally, the work done at the joint workshop was integrated into the sequence of tasks carried out within the learning activities. Thus, the results of it will feed the activities to be done afterwards.
Group presenting the strategies for improving the Plus Ultra neighbourhood.

Workshop Barcelona : Housing Reagents - Day 2

At the end of the afternoon, students made an oral presentation to assess the work done

Day 2: December 15h, 2011
09.00h Work in groups
13.30h Lunch
14.30h Work in groups
16.30h Pin-up Projects Exhibition Preparation
(related to presentation of Integration

Students worked in international teams carrying out one task: designing strategies to improve the Plus Ultra neighborhood. Using the concept of Housing Reagents, all participants read and mapped the site and its direct environment to propose new architectural and urban alternatives.

International teams were formed.
Prof. Angel Martin assessing groups.